Corporate Influencers

How to Turn Corporate Influencers into Powerhouses of Engagement

Successful corporate influencers amass at least 100k impressions per month. But they don’t achieve this on their own.

These days, our platform is stuffed with:

  • Engagement pod creators
  • Terrible advice
  • Showing off

Any marketing expert could be easily misled. We might even focus on the wrong KPIs.

Unvarnished Truth: Team Effort Drives Success

Your corporate influencers’ success relies on the whole team. LinkedIn used to be like a sailing contest: A helmsman could succeed alone. Now it’s different: Rowboats move fast only when the whole crew is motivated.

Why Teamwork Matters

Engagement pods and flashy posts might grab attention briefly, but sustainable growth comes from authentic interactions and strategic teamwork. Each team member plays a vital role in amplifying the influencer’s reach and impact.

Sailing vs. Rowing

Focus on the Right KPIs

It’s easy to get lost in vanity metrics. Instead, align your team’s efforts with KPIs that drive real business results, such as lead generation, brand awareness, and customer engagement.

Are You an Influencer or an Advocate?

Being an influencer means having a large following, but being an advocate means using that influence to genuinely support and advance your company’s mission. Encourage your team to be advocates, not just influencers.

By fostering a collaborative environment and focusing on meaningful engagement, your corporate influencers can achieve and surpass those 100k monthly impressions.

PS: Reflect on your role. Are you merely an influencer or a dedicated advocate for your brand?