Read Stellar LinkedIn Posts: Ring Those Bells!

Ever feel like you’re missing out on those fantastic posts your colleagues keep talking about? It’s probably because you haven’t rung the bells!

Counting on the algorithm to serve you the best content is like expecting a greasy fast food place to offer a healthy meal. It might happen, but why take the risk?

Why Aren’t You Seeing the Best Content?

Your limitations could be:

  • A free account with limited search capabilities.
  • No Sales Navigator license.

But these shouldn’t stop you from ringing those bells like it’s Sunday morning! 🔔🔔

Be Selective with Notifications

While it’s important to stay informed, too much information can be overwhelming. Ringing every bell might flood your feed with more content than you can handle. Instead, be selective about whose notifications you want to receive.

Pro Tip: Don’t Forget Company Pages

Good news for marketers: company pages now have the bell icon, too. Make sure your corporate advocates are hitting that double-bell icon to stay updated with the latest company news and updates. Share this reminder-rhyme with your team to keep them engaged and informed.

Don’t let the algorithm dictate what you see. Take control by ringing those bells and staying on top of the content that matters most to you.