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The importance of your LinkedIn slogan

Transform Your LinkedIn Profile: Stand Out with a Unique and Memorable Slogan

Is your LinkedIn profile swaying in the right direction like…
2024-05-27/by Ritchie Pettauer
Chainsaw vs. Online Course

How a Generous Neighbor Transformed My Approach to Learning

When we moved into our garden home, I quickly realized that…
2024-05-26/by Ritchie Pettauer
Spelling Mistakes

Is Poor Spelling really Costing You Opportunities?

We all make mistakes. I once sent a quote to a client and forgot…
2024-05-25/by Ritchie Pettauer
Content Curation on LinkedIn

Unleash Your Superpower: Mastering Smart Content Curation

If knowledge is power, then smart curation is your superpower.…
2024-05-24/by Ritchie Pettauer
Old, new, borrowed, blue

LinkedIn Profiles need: Something old, new, borrowed and blue!

Ever noticed the charming tradition at weddings where brides…
2024-05-16/by Ritchie Pettauer
Focus on Trust

Why Trust Should Be Your Top Priority in B2B Strategies

Trust forms the cornerstone of every successful B2B relationship.…
2024-05-11/by Ritchie Pettauer
Company Page hacks

Leverage the Full Potential of Your LinkedIn Company Page: A Comprehensive Guide

IYour LinkedIn company page is more than just a corporate profile—it's…
2024-05-06/by Ritchie Pettauer
LinkedIn Interaction

How to Effectively Engage on LinkedIn: A Guide for Professionals

Engaging with your colleagues on LinkedIn is more than just a…
2024-04-29/by Ritchie Pettauer
LinkedIn Premium Company Pages

LinkedIn’s New Premium Company Pages and What They Mean for Marketers

In a bold move aimed at enhancing user engagement and providing…
2024-04-16/by Ritchie Pettauer
The LinkedIn Matrix

The Myth of “Good or Bad” Content in Social Selling

Tthe idea that there exists "good" or "bad" content on your social…
2024-04-04/by Ritchie Pettauer
Social Networking and AI

The Uncharted Waters of B2B Social Networking with AI

Yesterday's withheld April Fool's joke could have lightened the…
2024-04-02/by Ritchie Pettauer
LinkedIn Live: Content Formats

Livestream: A balanced spring content diet

As the buds bloom and the world awakens to the vibrant hues of…
2024-03-28/by Ritchie Pettauer
Is Sales Navigator worth it?

Do Sales teams NEED Sales Navigator in 2024?

Are you constantly pondering whether your sales team could…
2024-03-27/by Ritchie Pettauer

The Dawn of a New Era in Marketing Analytics

Attention, marketers! A game-changer has arrived. The integration…
2024-03-26/by Ritchie Pettauer
Lopez vs. Lopez

The Unseen Battle Against Social Media Bots

Imagine discovering a surge of followers on your social media…
2024-03-23/by Ritchie Pettauer