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100 Skills for your LinkedIn Profile

New feature: 100 Skills for your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has once again proven to be at the forefront of professional…
2024-02-23/by Ritchie Pettauer
CI Programs

Revitalizing Your Corporate Influencer Program: A Guide to Enhanced Engagement

Launching a Corporate Influencer Program is a strategic move…
2024-02-22/by Ritchie Pettauer

Redefining Strategic Networking: From Authenticity to Intensity

A paradigm shift is underway. The traditional value placed on…
2024-02-17/by Ritchie Pettauer

Unlocking the 3×3 Magic Formula for LinkedIn Success

In a world where digital presence is paramount, mastering LinkedIn…
2024-02-14/by Ritchie Pettauer
Feed Cleaner

The Digital Swamp: Cleaning Your LinkedIn Newsfeed

Imagine logging into LinkedIn, only to find yourself wading…
2024-02-13/by Ritchie Pettauer
Marketing Quick Wins on LinkedIn

Empowering Corporate Influencers: A Strategic Guide for Marketers

In today's digital-first world, marketing teams are uniquely…
2024-02-12/by Ritchie Pettauer
Fake Social Proof

The High Cost of Faking Engagement: A Strategic Misstep

The allure of instant recognition on social media can be tempting.…
2024-02-10/by Ritchie Pettauer
LinkedIn's House Rules

LinkedIn House Rules: Between Growth and Governance

In an intriguing turn of events, a LinkedIn user's query about…
2024-02-07/by Ritchie Pettauer

The Game of LinkedIn & The Rules of Cheating, Business, and Joy

In the dynamic world of LinkedIn, we navigate through a complex…
2024-02-04/by Ritchie Pettauer
SSI Elements - LinkedIn's Social Selling Index

The Key Elements of LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index

Understanding and optimizing your Social Selling Index (SSI)…
2024-02-03/by Ritchie Pettauer

Reinventing Your Professional Identity: Crafting the Ultimate LinkedIn Slogan

Gone are the days of mundane, yawning-inducing profile slogans.…
2024-02-02/by Ritchie Pettauer
How to trick ChatGPT

Crafting Unique Brand Personas: The Art of Personalized Avatars

In the digital age, personal branding has transcended beyond…
2024-01-27/by Ritchie Pettauer
The importance of LinkedIn Touchpoints

Unlocking the Power of LinkedIn Touchpoints: The Magic of Warm Outreach

Recent insights highlight the power of warm leads in the…
2024-01-26/by Ritchie Pettauer
New LinkedIn Ad Format: Lockable Articles

Unlocking the Secrets: LinkedIn’s New Lockable Articles Ad Format

In an era where content is king, LinkedIn is taking a bold leap…
2024-01-22/by Ritchie Pettauer
Love on LinkedIn

Transforming Business Connections: Love on LinkedIn

Gone are the days when LinkedIn was simply a platform for job…
2024-01-21/by Ritchie Pettauer