Old, new, borrowed, blue

LinkedIn Profiles need: Something old, new, borrowed and blue!

Ever noticed the charming tradition at weddings where brides incorporate something old, new, borrowed, and blue? This quaint mix not only adds to the allure of the wedding but also symbolizes continuity, optimism, community, and fidelity. Imagine applying a similar blend to your LinkedIn profile to enhance its appeal and effectiveness in your professional sphere.

Something Old: The Value of Your Journey

Your LinkedIn profile isn’t just a resume; it’s a platform to narrate your professional journey. But remember, what captivates potential clients and partners is not just a list of past roles but the value you’ve delivered through them. Leverage recommendations to showcase this value through tangible proof of your accomplishments. Transform your experience section into a narrative that highlights significant projects and publications, making your historical data resonate with your audience.

Something New: Your Unique Proposition

What sets you apart? Identify and showcase unique strengths that you bring to the table. Avoid the pitfall of generic skills and focus on what makes you distinct. Tailor your profile with a lead magnet—perhaps an exclusive ebook or a webinar—that directly addresses the pain points of your ideal clients. Consistently publish thought leadership pieces that reinforce your position as a go-to expert in your field.

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Something Borrowed: The Power of Curation

In the digital age, originality isn’t just about creating new content but also about intelligently curating existing information. Add your unique twist to borrowed ideas by attributing proper sources and packaging them innovatively. Highlight collaborations and mention your network in the experience section or through shared media. This not only shows your active industry engagement but also your commitment to fostering professional relationships.

Something Blue: Emotional Connections

Just as blue symbolizes depth and stability in matrimonial traditions, let it reflect in your LinkedIn profile through emotional engagement. Your corporate identity, including logos and color schemes, plays a crucial role, but go beyond the visuals. Weave personal anecdotes or ‘icebreakers’ into your About section to make your profile more relatable and engaging.


Are you ready to transform your LinkedIn profile into a powerful tool that not only showcases your professional trajectory but also actively engages and attracts the right clientele? Consider setting up a personal branding session to refine your approach and ensure your profile is fully optimized for the business dating game.

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