LinkedIn Premium Company Pages

LinkedIn’s New Premium Company Pages and What They Mean for Marketers

In a bold move aimed at enhancing user engagement and providing additional value, LinkedIn has recently unveiled its “Premium Company Pages” service. This innovative offering is designed to give marketers and business administrators distinct advantages in the digital marketplace. Let’s delve into the facts and features that make these premium pages a potential game-changer for B2B strategies.

Key Features of LinkedIn Premium Company Pages

  • Custom Call-to-Action Button: Administrators can now personalize call-to-action buttons such as “Visit Website” or “Contact Us,” which are prominently displayed on the page, in search results, and next to page posts.
  • Visitor List: This feature displays the profiles of page visitors who have their visibility settings turned on, enhancing follow-up capabilities for sales and HR teams.
  • Custom Testimonial: Companies can highlight a client testimonial, complete with an image, at the top of their page, adding a personal touch and credibility.
  • AI-Powered Post Writing Assistance: Leveraging the same technology used in individual premium accounts, this feature aids in creating compelling content efficiently.
  • Auto-Invites: This powerful tool automatically invites individuals who engage with your content to follow your page, potentially expanding your audience significantly.
  • Exclusive LinkedIn Premium Logo: Displaying this logo on your page and in search results can enhance your brand’s prestige.

With features like these, LinkedIn’s Premium Company Pages offer a compelling value proposition, especially when considering the high costs and variable effectiveness of paid advertising campaigns. The auto-invite feature alone could revolutionize how pages attract new followers, making it a valuable tool for marketers aiming to boost their visibility and engagement metrics.

Subscription Costs and Availability

While specific pricing details are currently scarce, it is anticipated that costs will vary based on factors such as country and the size of the page’s following. As these premium pages begin rolling out, eligible companies will notice upgrade prompts directly on their LinkedIn homepage.

Are you considering upgrading to a Premium Company Page? With its robust set of features, it could be a worthwhile investment for your marketing strategy.

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