LinkedIn Video Update: New ad formats & dedicated feed

Once upon a time, incorporating video into B2B marketing strategies was seen as optional—a nice to have, but not a necessity. Fast forward to 2024, and the landscape seems dramatically different. Let’s dive into why video might just be your indispensable tool for the year.

LinkedIn and Video: A Complicated Relationship

LinkedIn, the go-to platform for professionals, has had its ups and downs with video content. From less-than-ideal video players lacking features like multi-lingual subtitles and interactive elements, to brief experiments with Stories that never quite caught on, LinkedIn’s video journey has been tumultuous. Even the option for a profile video in creator mode was introduced and then abruptly taken away.

However, the horizon looks promising with the introduction of several innovative features and collaborations aimed at enhancing video content on the platform:

  • A Video-Centric Newsfeed: A select group of beta testers are already exploring a new, video-only feed on their mobile devices, sparking debates on whether LinkedIn is taking cues from TikTok.
  • Connected TV Campaigns: Through partnerships with major publishers such as Paramount, Roku, and Samsung Ads, advertisers now have the opportunity to connect with professionals through connected TVs and streaming devices, extending beyond the traditional app experience.
  • Live Event Promotion: The platform now allows for the direct promotion of live events within the newsfeed, enabling advertisers to engage with their audience in real-time.

Beyond a One-Time Wonder

The efficacy of an explainer video can’t be denied, but the real power of video lies in its ability to consistently engage viewers. By regularly showcasing your expertise and personality, you build a level of trust that is hard to achieve through other mediums.

With a constantly evolving audience, video content has transcended its previous ‘nice-to-have’ status to become an integral part of a robust content strategy. The challenge now is not whether to include video, but how to seamlessly weave it into your marketing narrative.

The Future is Bright

As we look ahead, it’s clear that video is not just a fleeting trend but a critical component of modern B2B marketing strategies. The introduction of new features on LinkedIn and other platforms is a testament to the growing importance of video content.

So, I pose the question to you: Have you taken the plunge and posted a video yet? The time is now to explore the dynamic world of video marketing and unlock new opportunities for engagement and growth.

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