The LinkedIn Matrix

The Myth of “Good or Bad” Content in Social Selling

Tthe idea that there exists “good” or “bad” content on your social media feed is a misconception. The real power lies not in the content’s inherent quality but in how effectively it facilitates connections, builds trust, and leads to conversions. This is the essence of Social Selling—a strategy that leverages your online presence for meaningful business outcomes.

The Social Selling Trinity: Profile, Network, Content

Social Selling operates on a simple yet profound formula: Connect ➡️ Build Trust ➡️ Convert. This formula emphasizes the seamless integration of your Profile, Network, and Content. But what makes these elements so crucial, and how are they interwoven to drive success?

Connecting: The Foundation of Your Digital Presence

The journey begins with connecting. Your digital profile and the content you share become the cornerstone of your network. This initial step is about making those crucial first connections, where your online persona and the insights you share attract like-minded professionals and potential clients.

Building Trust: The Key to Sustainable Relationships

Trust is not built overnight. It requires consistent effort, repeated exposure to your content, and a network that amplifies your message. Your profile acts as a constant, reinforcing your expertise and credibility, while your content needs to resonate with your audience’s needs and challenges. It’s this cycle of exposure and reinforcement that nurtures trust within your network.

Converting: The Ultimate Goal

The magic happens when leads start approaching you, influenced by the reputation you’ve built through your content and profile, facilitated by your network. This conversion is the culmination of effectively aligning your online presence towards your business goals.

The 3×3 Strategy: Maximizing Your Social Selling Impact

I advocate a model I call the “3×3” in my trainings, emphasizing the harmonious alignment of your content, profile, and network. When these elements are in sync, they don’t just add to your success; they multiply it. The synergy created through this alignment paves the way for more relevant and impactful encounters on LinkedIn.

Embracing a Panoramic Perspective

The secret to unlocking LinkedIn’s full potential lies in moving beyond a narrow focus to adopt a 360-degree view of your digital presence. It’s about seeing the bigger picture, where every element of your online activity contributes to a cohesive and compelling narrative.

Building Trust: The Question That Matters

So, as we navigate the intricacies of Social Selling, a pivotal question remains: How do you build trust? Trust is the currency of the digital world, and its accumulation hinges on the strategic alignment of your Profile, Network, and Content.

In conclusion, the dichotomy of “good” or “bad” content is irrelevant. What matters is the strategic integration of your online assets to foster connections, build trust, and ultimately, drive conversions. Social Selling is about leveraging these connections for business growth, and the journey begins with understanding and implementing the principles of the Social Selling Trinity.

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