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Beyond Ads: Winning Strategies on LinkedIn in 2024

Standing out on LinkedIn has become a Herculean task for brands. With fewer than 3 in every 100 newsfeed posts being company updates, the battle for visibility is fierce. Yet, some brands are cutting through the clutter, not with sheer volume, but with strategy. Here’s how.

The Art of Enduring Interest

I often find myself on a company’s homepage when a fleeting interest is piqued. However, when that interest endures, it’s the leaders I follow. The key? Captivating content that goes beyond the mundane. While admins and marketers voice concerns over inadequate content and its impact, the solution lies in the approach.

  • Investing in thought leadership and awareness campaigns.
  • Consistently creating compelling content.
  • Empowering employees to be part of the narrative.

One client of mine has seen remarkable success with minimal organic content, focusing instead on impactful ads that resonate. Another has achieved over 25% engagement by leveraging high-end multimedia formats that are both informative and entertaining. Meanwhile, a third has significantly boosted impressions with an influencer program, dedicating their page to employer branding.

Strategies That Break the Mold

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for LinkedIn success. Yet, the essence of visibility lies in alignment — combining efforts to create quality content, launch eye-opening ad campaigns, and engage highly motivated influencers. By 2024, company pages have become the linchpin of engagement, akin to a rowing team where success is driven by each member’s involvement.

Is Your Page Performing to Your Expectations?

If you’re contemplating the launch of an influencer program, refining your campaigns, or revamping your content strategy, I’m here to help. With 8 years of focus on LinkedIn training and social media education at the University of Vienna, I’ve guided many through the intricacies of LinkedIn’s dynamic landscape. Let’s connect and elevate your LinkedIn presence together.

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