LinkedFriday: Elevating Connections & Spreading the Love

Welcome to LinkedFriday, an innovative concept I devised five years ago, inspired by Twitter’s “#followfriday.” It’s a simple yet powerful practice aimed at recognizing and appreciating our LinkedIn connections. Here’s how it works and why it’s a game-changer in the realms of online strategy, B2B marketing, social selling, personal branding, and content strategy.

The Essence of LinkedFriday

Every Friday, pick one or more of your favorite LinkedIn connections and share what you value about their content. Tag them in your post and add the hashtag #LinkedFriday. This initiative has grown over the years, now boasting over a thousand followers. By changing the post sort order from “Top” to “Recent” under the hashtag, you can discover a wealth of inspirational content and creators.

Beyond Appreciation: Expanding Networks

LinkedFriday is more than just spreading positivity; it’s a strategic way to broaden your network with exceptional creators and thought leaders. This practice enhances your online presence, allowing you to connect with like-minded professionals and engage with quality content.

Statistics and Trends

Recent studies highlight the importance of networking and content sharing in today’s digital landscape. LinkedIn has become a crucial tool for decision-makers. A study on B2B Thought Leadership Impact revealed that 65% of respondents had their perception of a company positively changed due to thought leadership content on LinkedIn. Additionally, 64% consider such content a reliable way to assess a vendor’s capabilities and competency. This emphasizes the importance of engaging and informative content in influencing decision-makers on LinkedIn (Sprout Social, 2023).

#LinkedFriday isn’t just a weekly ritual; it’s a testament to the power of acknowledgement and networking. By participating, you contribute to a community focused on quality and innovation. So, who will you recommend today? Or perhaps tomorrow? Remember, LinkedFriday is about praising connections anytime, for no specific reason, fostering a culture of appreciation and growth.

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