The Game of LinkedIn & The Rules of Cheating, Business, and Joy

The Game of LinkedIn & The Rules of Cheating, Business, and Joy

In the dynamic world of LinkedIn, we navigate through a complex landscape dictated by three distinct yet interconnected rulesets: the rules of cheating, business, and joy. Each set of rules, with its unique ethos and strategies, shapes our professional journey, echoing the consequences of our choices.

Rules of Cheating: A Cautionary Tale

The rules of Cheating

The rules of cheating paint a grim picture of the professional realm. They advocate for deceit and self-promotion at the expense of integrity and collaboration. By lying, cheating, and stealing, individuals inflate their presence like a blowfish, capturing their followers’ time and money under false pretenses. This path, albeit tempting for instantaneous gains, leads to a hollow victory, marred by the absence of trust and genuine achievement.

Rules of Business: The Path of Professionalism

The Rules of Business

In stark contrast, the rules of business emphasize a diligent, respectful hunt for leads. This path demands professionalism, helpfulness, and a consistent presence, akin to laboring in a digital coalmine. Acceptable personal touches, like conference selfies, add a human element to the professional rigor. This approach fosters long-term relationships and sustainable growth, grounded in mutual respect and value exchange.

Rules of Joy: The Art of Playful Professionalism

The Rules of Joy

The rules of joy introduce a refreshing perspective on professional interactions. They encourage us not to take ourselves too seriously and to respect others consistently. This mindset promotes a playful engagement with our work and community, fostering creativity and a sense of shared growth. By crafting our own rules within this framework, we enrich our professional journey with innovation and genuine connection.

Unifying Factors and the Power of Intention

Despite their differences, these rulesets are bound by common threads: the necessity for routine, consistency, and a keen eye on trends and KPIs. They all aim to create a ripple effect, amplifying our visibility and impact in the professional sphere. However, the distinguishing factor lies in the player’s intention. While cheaters may achieve temporary success, the true mastery of LinkedIn lies in harmonizing the principles of business and joy, crafting a legacy of enduring success and fulfillment.

Intention is a boonmerang.

Intention acts as a boomerang, shaping our professional landscape as much as we shape it. The rules we choose to play by not only define our game but also reflect and mold our professional identity. As we navigate the intricate game of LinkedIn, let us ponder the rules that resonate with our ethos and aspirations. What rules do you play by?