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The Power of Morning Routines in Boosting Sales Performance

Imagine starting your day with an hour-long cold shower at 3 a.m., followed by yoga, breathing exercises, a vegan breakfast, and rounding it off with a half-marathon. Sounds intense, right? While this may sound like a dream (or perhaps a nightmare) morning routine for some, the real game-changer for sales professionals begins much more simply and practically.

Rising at 6:30 a.m., the aroma of freshly ground Italian coffee fills the air as the French press works its magic. It’s a morning ritual shared by many, including myself, as I prepare to step out with my dogs for their morning walk. Yet, it’s not the coffee or the walk that sets the tone for a successful day. It’s what comes after that truly matters.

The Untapped Potential of Morning LinkedIn Rituals

In our digital age, nobody seems to prioritize their email at the day’s end, and most ambitious professionals log into LinkedIn “whenever there’s a spare moment.” But what if I told you that the first 15 minutes of your day could dramatically influence your sales performance?

Here’s a thought: Wake up 15 minutes earlier and make LinkedIn your first (or second, right after checking your emails) stop. This isn’t the time for doomscrolling through social media. Instead, dive straight into your inbox, giving priority to one-on-one communications. Allocate five minutes to perform custom searches and engage with content (remember the search cheat sheet I shared?). Spend the rest of your time monitoring your network’s activities and planning your posts.

Why Consistency Matters

Committing to this 15-minute routine might seem minimal, but its cumulative effect over time can be profound. Consistency in this practice helps in laying down the groundwork for a day that’s not just reactive but proactive in building connections, engaging with potential clients, and setting the stage for sales success.

A Personal Touch

In the grand scheme of things, sales is about establishing connections. By starting your day focusing on personalized interactions and strategic engagement on LinkedIn, you set a positive and productive tone for the rest of your day. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure you’re not just another name in the crowd but a proactive participant in your professional sphere.

So, I leave you with this question: When do you log into LinkedIn, and how can adjusting this routine boost your sales performance?

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