Help is always free.

Help helps your business (Not the other way round)

On LinkedIn, a lot of coaches be like:

I helped a Client get 333 Views in 3 Months.

One post had 33+ views AND 3 likes.

How was I able to do that?

Took him trough my 3-step-matrix:

1. Hit him on each shoulder with my bamboo stick 3 times.
2. Lit 3 incense sticks. (Flavors: Braggalicious / Boastful / Lying Amber)
3. Stroke the back of his smartphone gently 3 times while chanting “This works or it’s on you!”

Since he completed my ritual he:

→ Published 3 posts per hour.
→ Thought he got 3 leads when those guys liked post #33.
→ Turned out two were bots and the other one was me.

The truth is: We both strongly believe we’re leaders in our industry now.

My bottom line: Your clients are smart. You’ll need to be a lot more unique, so trash these blueprints and get creative.

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