How a Generous Neighbor Transformed My Approach to Learning

When we moved into our garden home, I quickly realized that my new electric branch saw, while great for cutting thick branches, couldn’t handle the thick logs we had. I didn’t choose “cutting thick logs” as a hobby, but necessity called when we had to fell a tree.

Thankfully, our generous neighbor Erich, a master chainsaw user and instructor at the local agricultural school, took me under his wing. He owns a large forest and does most of the work himself, so his expertise was invaluable.

Fox learns to use a chainsaw.

As soon as Erich agreed to tutor me, I geared up with my own saw, a helmet, ear and eye protection, and professional gloves. But Erich’s lessons went beyond the mechanics of chainsaw use. He taught me an unexpected and invaluable lesson about efficiency and leverage.

The Power of Leverage

I’ve always wondered how someone could do hard forest work all day long. The answer? Leverage. Erich showed me how to move wood efficiently, prepare, and place logs so cutting is as easy as possible. This hands-on experience changed my outlook on learning new skills.

The Downside of Online Courses

Because of Erich’s generosity, I stopped buying online courses. His personalized instruction and practical knowledge were far more beneficial than the dozen online “masterclasses” I had previously purchased out of curiosity. Most of these were a complete waste of time, especially the copywriting courses. They were filled with generic advice that didn’t add any real value.

Real Learning Comes from Generosity

Unpopular Opinion: When you have enough experience, only a small group of people can take you further. These people are generous and kind-hearted, more interested in sharing their knowledge than making money.

This major learning extends beyond forest work. You don’t need ChatGPT to produce bland, generic posts either. True learning and improvement come from real-world experiences and the generosity of skilled mentors.

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