Spelling Mistakes

Is Poor Spelling really Costing You Opportunities?

We all make mistakes. I once sent a quote to a client and forgot the ‘l’ in ‘public.’ We had a good laugh about it, but it got me thinking.

Perfection vs. Laughter

Mistakes aren’t exclusively human anymore. Even advanced AI like ChatGPT can make errors. Imagine flipping a virtual coin of error.

The Upside:

Always strive for perfection. Attention to detail can make or break deals in business. A misspelled word or misplaced punctuation can cost you credibility.

The Flipside:

Laugh at your mistakes. Embracing your errors with a sense of humor shows resilience and humility. It makes you relatable and human.

Public vs. pubic

Balancing the Coin Toss

You can’t lose in this coin toss. Striving for perfection while being able to laugh at your mistakes creates a balanced and approachable professional image. It shows you’re dedicated but also adaptable and human.

P.S.: Can you laugh at your mistakes?

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