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Navigating the Realities of LinkedIn Influence Rankings: A Closer Look at Metrics and Authenticity

In the constantly evolving landscape of online influence, I recently found myself ranked #18 on Austria’s Top LinkedIn Influencers List. This achievement sparks a crucial conversation about the accuracy and implications of such rankings.

Understanding the Complexities of Ranking Metrics

Rankings, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, are guided by various metrics. The challenge lies in selecting the right ones. Some authors might prefer a single metric for simplicity, while others opt for a composite score based on several factors, relying heavily on their judgment. This subjective selection can significantly impact the final rankings.

The Challenge of Measuring Engagement

Metrics like follower count are straightforward, but assessing engagement rates is a different ballgame. It involves more complex calculations and decisions, such as determining the number of posts to consider. This complexity can lead to variances in how influence is measured and understood.

Hidden Metrics and Their Impact

Certain vital metrics, like impressions and the Social Selling Index on LinkedIn, remain exclusive to account owners. This limitation means third parties, including those compiling influence lists, lack access to comprehensive data, potentially skewing the rankings.

The list is available as a public Google spreadsheet.

Navigating the Realities of LinkedIn Influence Rankings: A Closer Look at Metrics and Authenticity

The Evergreen Popularity of Top Lists

Despite these limitations, top lists have been a mainstay in internet culture. They serve as benchmarks and are popular for comparing and contrasting online influence. My own experience with such lists dates back to 2005-2012 when my blog was listed in the DACH top 100 based on traffic metrics.

The Difference with Social Media Rankings

Unlike website traffic, which has clear and measurable standards, social media rankings lack a universal metric. This lack of standardization calls for transparency. Analyzing actual post reactions provides a more accurate picture, revealing the reality behind inflated follower numbers.

The Value of Dr. Johannes Braith’s List

Dr. Johannes Braith’s list stands out as a valuable resource for ambitious content creators in Austria and the DACH region. It encourages a critical view of what it means to be an influencer and promotes a deeper understanding of the nuances involved.

Invitation to Dialogue

Agree or disagree with such rankings? The conversation about the authenticity and relevance of these lists is open and ongoing. Let’s delve into this discussion and explore what truly defines influence in the digital age.