Unleash Your Superpower: Mastering Smart Content Curation

If knowledge is power, then smart curation is your superpower. Ready to wield it? I’ll show you how.

The Value of Industry-Related News

Industry-related news makes for an awesome content pillar. Yet most content creators struggle with selectivity and consistency. I totally understand: Who wants to sift through 500 news messages every morning? Very few brave souls ever found the needle in the haystack this way.

A Personal Approach to Staying Ahead

I’m sharing my personal approach to staying ahead of the curve. Like all the best things in social selling, it’s not free. (But WILL cost you 5 minutes per day.) Time is precious. Knowing first within your community is valuable.

My 3-Step Curation Process

My 3-step curation process is all about saving time and creating value. (Because I hate procrastinating and boring shares.)

  • Identify Reliable Sources: Start by finding the most reliable sources in your industry. These could be top publications, influencers, or industry reports.
  • Set Up Alerts and Feeds: Use tools like Google Alerts or RSS feeds to keep you updated without the hassle.
  • Curate and Share: Choose the most relevant and interesting news, add your insights, and share with your community.

With this simple process, you can turn the overwhelming task of news curation into a manageable daily habit.

PS: How do you keep up to date?

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